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What is the Wise Primal Woman All About?

WPW is the ultimate mind, body, spirit wellness program for women. It addresses the 6 crucial areas of a woman's life that tend to affect harmonious balance after age 40; food, fitness, feelings, foundational beliefs, friendships and finances. It's based on science, energy work and Success Coaching. Each component is supported with aromatherapy and flower essences to help you progress faster. It is a woman's program designed with a woman's needs in mind.

I created this program for women because I was constantly hearing my clients say "I just want to feel like I did in my 20's". Meanwhile, I knew exactly what it was they were doing wrong, how they were not taking care of themselves, and what issues were coming up in their lives that were making them feel so badly. But to only change one element of their lives, whether it be what they ate, how they exercised or what they thought, was not enough. It needed to be a comprehensive program that addressed all these issues.

Between hormonal shifts and demands from work and family, this can be a very challenging period for women. We usually start to notice subtle changes in our bodies like weight gain, hair loss and lack luster skin in our early to mid 40's. Often this is the period where health issues start to creep in after years of giving to everyone but ourselves. These manifest as gynecological issues, high blood pressure, depression and so much more. Women are more likely to develop and be diagnosed with Thyroid or Autoimmune issues in their 40's and 50's. And most of the health issues you are dealing with are rooted in your emotional state. You see, it's all connected!

To top it off, this is often the time of life where marriages begin to fail and have problems. After years of neglect and putting family and work obligations first, men and women start taking a hard look at their relationships and ask themselves "Is this all there is? Is this as good as it gets?" Enter Midlife Crisis.........yes, it's real. But it doesn't have to be your reality.

We are stressed, depressed, in pain, bored, overwhelmed, overweight, confused and desperately searching for answers. Well, you've found the answers here! Whatever area of your life that's out of balance for you is where we start.

Are you feeling fat and can't budge the pudge? No worries. We'll get you started to looking and feeling better about your body within a week. Yes! A week! I'm not talking goal weight in a week, that's just a lie unscrupulous people use to sell programs. But if you follow what I have laid out you will have measurable results. You'll see and feel that your body is changing.

Is your marriage on the brink of breaking up? That may be because you have never been taught the keys to a lasting, happy marriage. Once you know them, the fights will stop, the loneliness stops, and you get back that man you were first attracted to many years ago and you become that woman who was madly in love with her man. You both deserve that!

Have you been feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life? The Feelings component combines amazing mind-body techniques to re-balance your body and re-frame your thoughts to help you create a life altering perspective that will make you feel alive again. If you've recently been diagnosed with a new disorder (Autoimmune, Thyroid, HBP, Diabetes, etc), you need a plan for feeling better. The WPW Program addresses the underlying root causes of diseases such as these and helps you customize your path back to health.

Isn't it time to get your life (body, relationships, health) back? 

The Wise Primal Woman Program is the solution you've been looking for. 


The WPW Program is based on the Primal Blueprint but geared more towards balancing hormones and helping women shed the annoying menopot.  It's focuses on vegetables, healthy fats, fiber and adequate protein and lower in carbs.


Get a free 30 trial of Beach Body On Demand by following this link. Here you will find any fitness solution you need. Prefer yoga? Got it. Weights? Yup. Cardio? You bet. As a personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist I recommend my clients choose BOD!


Our emotions govern our lives. if you can balance your emotions your life will flow.  Our emotions are a combination of hormones but also thoughts. For women, often our hormones push us to react a certain way. But there are so many things we can do to balance hormones which will balance emtions.

Foundational Beliefs

Your Foundational Beliefs will define and shape how you interact with others, your relationships, your self drive. Discover these beliefs and you'll uncover your personal code.



The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships, specifically romantic relationships. The WPW program will teach you how to understand friends and romantic relationships .


To fully enjoy an amazing second half of life you need to be able to feel free from financial worries. Learn the secret to financial independence and philanthropy or even creating the business of your dreams.

What customers are saying

With Liz’s insight, identifying the problem, getting it treated, using natural products such essential oils and diatomaceous earth, eliminating most bread and sugars from my diet, and eating cleaner, not only have I have lost weight, I have also gone from a size 18 to a size 11 in a short period of time, and I am still losing weight and inches! I am convinced that her insight and guidance has been a huge factor in the results I, and others, are seeing in my body.

Sharon Hall

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