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Get Unstuck! Why You're Not Reaching Your Goals.

Have you sat down, carefully planned and written out your goals, said your affirmations daily and yet you find yourself constantly missing the mark and and living in the gap between where you are and where you want to be? It's very common and can make goal setting seem like a waste of time. But beyond the SMART goal setting system is a system and set of principles that will make goal setting fun and exciting because every goal you set will be reached. This class will shed light on all the reasons goal setting isn't working for you and how to shift into a more successful and easy approach to goal setting. While not essential, this is highly recommended before the Living an Inspired Life Goal Setting Class.

Get Unstuck Class
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Living An Inspired Life...Goal Setting for Women

What's the difference? Isn't goal setting just simple and straight forward? Why would men and women need to do it differently? The answer is in our brains and shows up in our lives. This class will teach women how to set inspired goals that make our hearts sing to lead a life that is exciting and on our terms.

Goal Setting for Women
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