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Every Great Goal Starts With A Great Why

There it is! That one picture says it all. My husband was taking the picture so he couldn't be in it, but basically it's all about family. My family is the motivation, purpose and drive behind what I do. Each in their own special way, my children and husband have been my teachers, motivators, guinea pigs and critics (in a constructive way) and brought me to this point in my life.

I was brought up in a holistically minded home. I am a first generation immigrant and I can remember when I was sick my mom would make up a concoction from milk, raw eggs, honey and garlic to make us better. Sounds horrible but it was actually tasty and it worked.

My mom cooked everything from scratch (and still does) and even though our traditional Polish cuisine was laden with saturated fat and other "unhealthy" staples, we in fact were quite healthy. Looking critically at it now, that cuisine was full of nutrients that fed us on a cellular level. Beet soup, cabbage, a dash of potatoes and a side of protein. Yup, very balanced.

We had a home garden that, even as small children, helped tend. Vegetables came straight from an organic, home garden. We spent a lot of time outside as kids and were close to the earth getting our fill of soil organisms.

Then the 80's hit. I got into high school where diet soda and Doritos were my new foods. It was fun eating out. After years of home made food, junk food had its appeal. But I felt that was a good learning lesson. After so many years of "deprivation" I went all out and only wanted junk. Of course now we know junk food is highly addictive and I was becoming addicted to chicken nuggets!

My first true health scare came at 18 when I had my first seizure. It was after a new Year's Eve celebration and I hadn't eaten all day to be skinny for an outfit I was going to wear that night. I had 3 or 4 or 5 Kamakazi's and next thing I knew my poor sister was trying to revive me on the bathroom floor of a hotel room.

At that point it was diagnosed as having a blood sugar disorder. I was blessed, yes blessed, to have another seizure a year later in front of someone who actually had a seizure disorder. I was able to find the right doctors but unwilling to go on medication for the rest of my life due to the very scary side affects. I remember asking the doctors if there was a natural way to deal with this. They of course said no. They really had no idea.

It wasn't until I had my 3rd seizure another year later at work, almost bit off someone's finger and hit my head on a retail store rack, that I realized I needed to be on meds. If not for myself, then for the people around me. 

I didn't have access to the internet back then to find out great info on stress management or the Feingold diet. I wish I had because I believe things would have turned out differently. I always had a belief that diet and lifestyle change would've helped particularly because each seizure came after I had not eaten much the day before, was under a lot of stress or was drinking. 

But I relied on the doctors. They dismissed my observations which I believe now were very huge clues to why I had the seizures. And so I went on anti-seizure meds and have been on them for the last 30 years.

I stayed on the meds, seizure free, but continued to have irregular EEG results which made my doctors feel would not make me a candidate for weaning off them. I switched neurologists to see if I could get a different perspective. Not only did this new doctor say I couldn't get off meds but now I was told I should never have children! What a devastating blow.

But God blessed me again. I went back to my original neurologist and he guided me through two successful pregnancies!

As any woman knows, once you have kids your world changes. I actually had Post Partum Depression after each birth but was so afraid to be treated. Maybe it was better I didn't get hooked on anti-depressants, maybe it wasn't, but it was the route I took. All I know is that I vividly remember the hormonal roller coaster giving birth, breastfeeding and then weaning was. I just believe some women are more influenced and feel hormonal fluctuations than others. I am one of those women. I have been since adolescence and still am today.

I wanted to be the perfect mom, but there really is no such thing. I put a lot of stress on myself to do all the right things, especially nutrition. I was very careful about how I fed my daughter (first born) but then she got to be a picky eater and my son came along. Perfect mom wanted to fix this but no matter what, she only wanted junk. Now understand sugar never passed this girl's lips before her first birthday when she had chocolate cake at her party! I remember my mom saying "don't worry what she eats as long as she's eating something". I took that to heart a little too much and stopped worrying about nutrition.

When my son was born he was literally born allergic to the world. Within two weeks of his birth he had atopic dermatitis. The pediatrician we had at the time, without even bending over to actually look at him, said it was cradle cap. I left that office and never went back. I took him to another pediatrician who diagnosed him properly but also told me it was a triad of atopic dermatitis, asthma and allergies. She told me in the future he would develop asthma. It felt like a life sentence. How was this possible? No one in the family had this issue.

Interesting to me now is the fact that he also had horrible reflux when he was a baby. I now understand the link between gut health and all other health issues.

Sure enough, along the way, my son developed croup and then asthma. I remember a time when he was 4 he was almost admitted to the hospital because his breathing was so bad. It was a difficult and scary time for all of us learning how to deal with this.

A few years of not worrying about nutrition with my daughter and dealing with bronchitis every year with my son, a new neighbor was taking her developmentally challenged son to a naturopath and having good results. My son wanted to play football and part of the deal was that he would see this naturopath about the asthma before he could play. He was so determined to play, he agreed.

Understand that my poor son had being seeing the Top Doc in asthma and allergies at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) from Nov til April of the previous year with no significant results. He had painful skin testing done and no allergies were revealed. I remember asking this doctor "Why is he still going through a box of tissues a day if he has no allergies?" This doctor literally threw his hands up in the air and said "I have no idea". I knew that day we had to find another way.

We took my son to this naturopath who did bioenergetic testing. I remember walking in and she said "Oh, asthma is easy to cure." CURE! Not just alleviate or control, CURE!!!!! I almost walked out. I thought this woman was a quack. But I thought, let's see what she has to say. Turns out he had a ton of allergies; soy, oak and mold. And of course we live in a forest of oak trees and I was giving him soy milk because I read it was better than cow's milk in someone who had allergies. That testing made all the difference in the world. She also healed his leaky gut which was key to his healing.

She put him on a protocol to heal his gut using 8 different products. In two weeks she did what 6 months of doctors, steroids and nose sprays could not do; his nosed stopped running, his asthma....was gone! GONE!!!! He played football that year in second grade. No asthma attacks, no health issues and probably what was the healthiest year of his life.

My son was in second grade at the time. He never caught a cold, not even a sniffle that year. What kid in the second grade do you know that NEVER gets sick? It's just not seen or heard of. I'm here to tell is possible.

Of course we both got tired of the rigorous diet and slacked off so things went back to where they were before. As a child it was just so difficult to give up what he needed to get to that level of health, but it taught me a huge lesson. If I hadn't see it on my own, I wouldn't have believed it. You are what you eat, or better, you are what you digest and aren't allergic to.

I started massage school around that time and my holistic experiences all started to come together. I immersed myself in massage, aromatherapy and a variety of holistic modalities but I knew nutrition would be in my future.

I tried a variety of nutritional paradigms. I was vegetarian, vegan, raw and have finally landed on what makes my body feel the best...Paleo. I find the eating plan and lifestyle to be sane and balanced and makes a lot of sense. It is a combination of all the best dietary systems and many call it the healthiest diet on the planet.

I tried a raw food diet and the detox was horrific. I spent an entire summer with the worst rash of my life that I eventually had to use steroids to control. I know, I know I can hear the die hards in the background "You're toxic, you have to detox". I know, we're all toxic, but detoxing when on pharmaceutical meds can be dangerous especially when you have to maintain a certain level of those meds in your blood. So I try to detox a little on a daily basis.

I tried going vegetarian and was exhausted. Period. I know some people love it, it's not my bag. I watched my daughter become vegetarian in high school. It cleared her skin, gave her energy and she thrived on it. She even tried raw foods with me. What a trooper, always along for the ride on whatever new trend I got into. But she did get interested in culinary arts and received her culinary degree.

But I love good meat. Not junk hamburger from a fast food restaurant, but grass-fed steak or bison, good quality chicken and seafood. It makes you feel strong and gives you life.

I have also become a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist because I have always struggled with being fit. As an emotional eater all my life, weight and weight loss and physical fitness have always been a desire for me. Also, the fitness aspect gave me a new perspective on massage that I wasn't taught in massage school. I decided to study the science to give me a better handle on how the body works.

So it was all coming together, the physical fitness/massage piece and the nutrition piece. But something was missing, it was the emotional/psychological piece. So I started training to be a wellness coach. NOW it was all coming together. While training to be a health coach, I was introduced to Dr. Sarah Gottfried and trained under her to be a Hormone Cure Coach.

Talk about eureka moments! Up to this point, everything I had learned was just basics. I now understood why women in their late 30's, 40's and 50's do, feel and think the way they do. I thought "If I had only known this was ALL hormonal, I wouldn't have needed to search so hard for an answer!" Just target the right hormone and get better results.

So ladies, I'm here to tell you, I may not have all the answers but I have a LOT of them. I may not be able to offer cures, but I can offer a lot of good advice and small tweeks in your life that will make your life easier, happier, healthier and most of all much more sane.

While this site and my work are geared toward 40 and 50 something's, I'm noticing many young people are dealing with horrible and debilitating health issues that stem from the same basic principles. I hope we can teach future generations the basics so they don't have to figure it out all on their own. It's simple and doesn't have to be complicated, we just make it that way.

So my suggestions are basic; we need God, a purposeful life, balanced living, laughter, great relationships, healthy food, consistent exercise and friends and family surrounding us. Nothing else matters.

So, if you've read all the way to this point, you know a lot about me. And I venture to guess you still want to change. I may not be perfect, I'm not the 20 year old personal trainer with a hard body, but that's not what you need. You don't need another fitness trainer or coach who hasn't lived it or doesn't get it. I can tell you this.........been there, done that, found the answer. Who do you trust more? You're trying to figure out how to get through your 40's and 50's and be your best on the other side of it. I can help you with that.

But before you entrust your health and well being to me, I'm sure you want to know what makes me qualified to offer the services and information I do. You should! It's your body, your health and your money. Be very cautious to whom you entrust them.

I have purposely made this page long and detailed so you can understand what makes me tick. If you took the time to read it all, that means you have some interest in working with me...or you're a stalker. Sorry, that's just part of my warped humor. 

I hope you understand why this section is so detailed. I am meticulous about who I work with and I want to give you the same advantage. Understand my "why" and you'll understand why I do what I do.

Certifications and Qualifications

LMT state of NJ

Medicinal Aromatherapist

Clinical Aromatherapist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Primal Blueprint Expert

Raw Food Chef

Certified Hormone Cure Coach

Quantum Touch Practitioner

Strategic Intervention Coach

Longevity Wellness Specialist

Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer